Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

made it home! it was an uneventful trip... I hitched a ride with a coworker, very college like. we stopped in emporia and ate at the planet sub because it's awesome!

somewhere on the trip I realized I had no way to get into our house. usually I just use the garage door opener, but it was in my car, which marc had safely driven back to wichita a few days earlier because he had to work friday, and it was parked in the garage. fabulous. so I called the roommates, one was in missouri and the other was in an office downtown with no intention of getting back to the house, so I called marc at work and told him I needed to stop by and get his key. ten minutes later we were there, and pulled up and there was marc, outside, and I got out of my friend's truck and hugged marc and everything just sort of stopped. i missed him. we always joke about missing each other "like the desert miss the rain" (because anything that's a line in a 90s club song gets a special place in our vocabulary) but really, missing marc is like being hungry. that's about the only way I can describe it.
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