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i'm not gonna get bitter

Today I discovered the beauty of ripping CDs. I ripped like 6 albums in a row, at the second highest quality possible, it's beautiful! Listened to different songs, all that. Put all my Jill Sobule on shuffle and jammed away, which reminded me that I hadn't checked on her Tulsa concert for a while, so I went to the venue website and found that...

1) Ticket information for the event was finally up
2) Tickets were $75 EACH! (egad!)
3) Tickets had sold out (what?!)

Guess I won't be seeing Jill Sobule. I'm kinda, okay, really pissed off about this, I was kinda looking forward to it because I've never seen her live before and she doesn't come to the midwest very often. But I'm sure she'll come again. I can wait.

Studied quality control, how boring! Finished crimping my cat5 cables, how satisfying! I'm thinking of just buying a reel of cable - like 1000 feet - and crimping various sized cables when i'm bored. Maybe I could sell them to my friends or something? It's just so nice and mind-numbing, like knitting only better.

maybe that's a sign i should take up knitting again though too...

just looked on pricewatch, 1000 feet is like $40 plus shipping. awesome! "what's your hobby, spacefem?" "hand-crimping cat 5 cable. pink this month!"

Lunch today was at applebee's with computer office staff people, really boring but i had chicken quesadilas and they were yummy. i kept two for a dinner-snack type thing, which I had while watching "The Princess Diaries" on VHS. decent enough movie I guess. Had a cup of coffee (decaf of course) afterwards and did more homework.

basically a good day. not terribly productive. i've taken a nice (really nice!) break from thinking about senior design until our transmitter gets here and it's made a big difference in just how I feel, so much healthier.


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Feb. 16th, 2002 09:41 am (UTC)
Some ripping hints...
The change in quality above 128Kbps is so nominal that it's really pointless taking up the space. I rip at MPEG-I Layer III, 160Kbps, joint stereo. This provides almost perfect sound without taking the space of a 256Kbps encoding. It's important that you don't rip like a maniac at extreme bitrates, because you WILL lose hard drive space fast. I have 3,600 MP3s, the majority of which are at 128 or 160Kbps. They take up about 14 gigs. Now, if I encode at 256, where would my 20GB drive be...? The answer: Taken out so I can put a 40 in its place. But I don't want to spend cash on a 40GB drive at all...
I talk too much! Happy ripping!
Feb. 16th, 2002 12:56 pm (UTC)
I see your point. But I also have way more hard drive space than I need (30 gig) and only 2 gig of mp3s so far. I will never have 3,600 of them, I'm just not that big a music fan.
Feb. 16th, 2002 01:01 pm (UTC)
Whatever floats your digital boat! :)
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