Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

yet another car post

found out that when marc uses command line FTP, he uses the "put" command, where I use "send". so we're clearly not compatible. shame.

so yesterday when the jiffy lube guys told me my battery was dead they *might* have been right. I'm not saying that they didn't lie about the fuel filter, but the battery definitely died today. I bought a new one. A $70 new one... called three places and that's the lowest price I could get because apparently my car needs a weird small size. I took it to a parts store, the guy tested it, said a few words, and changed it out.

the lack of car starting also made us miss church.

I've now spent almost $300 on my car THIS WEEKEND! and insurance is due in a week! so much for not having a credit card balance!
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