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on dating a dj

itunes has a weird way of recommending the same music for me that marc does. I don't even download much electronic music at all... I tend to buy really ambient trance sort of stuff when I go that direction, and most of the time I'm logging into itunes to download college rock, soft vocal night music, the occasional party hip hop, stuff like that. Then I log on and they're like, "We think you'd like thievery corporation"... what the hell? Or today, it was Satellite by Ocean Lab, which marc plays ALL THE TIME. They find weird remixes of 70s songs that he's already got for me, bouncy dancy big house that he throws into mixes, you name it.

I don't really have anything like that on my laptop because it's on his, and it's everywhere in my car. before marc was around I'd make CDs for major roadtrips or seasons, and keep them nicely labeled and organized in a little holder. marc makes CDs for stuff like going to walgreens or the east side of town. so they're everywhere, and I try to enforce the "everything needs a label" rule but it doesn't always happen. So for a while there I was afraid that my music would be overshadowed and under played, because even though it's a huge thing in my life, it's even bigger in his. I introduce him to bands now and then but he's shown me fifty times more. I've never dated anyone like this, who really effected what I listen to or changed me. I mean, you always have your music in relationships (if it's a real relationship), but marc brought his own universe to this one. it makes everything I listened to for other people seem blurry.

in other news... I'm thinking about work. my mind was In It friday when I left at five and I'm tempted to go in and finish stuff up, because I can't put it down, I hate that. Usually I struggle with projects I'm doing at home, and I have to try not to think about them at work, and now it's reversed. This is what programming does to me, every single time, go figure.
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