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asp rant

Okay, so I'm doing some work on our company intranet, and the server I'm working with only has asp. I'm a php girl but that's tough to find where I work, and I've hacked together asp scripts before, so that's what I spent today doing... figuring out how to do stuff with asp.

I used to have this opinion about asp, basically, "Everything you do with asp is a total pain in the ass" and I'm standing strong by that, oh yes, maybe even worse now. It sucks. If you make the wrong kind of error, it just gives you a blanket 500 and tells you the page can't be generated. Dates are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE... something that's incredibly simple to do in php, like taking a typical date format and wanting dashes instead of slashes in it, suddenly takes four functions. And the worst part ever is the documentation, which is part of the reason for this entry... am I missing something?

All I can find for asp is ARTICLES. It's like this whole community got together and was like, "You know how people want to learn a language? By reading magazine articles about random topics every week!" holy crap. So, there's no nice little list of string functions, or hint at the bottom of an ksort() page that leads you to arsort(), you just sort of randomly, blindly try to find what you're looking for by the grace of Google.

who's worst idea ever was that?

And don't even get me started on the nine different versions of asp and, which are seemingly related and unrelated at the same time.

sooo bitter.

In other, totally awesome news, Marc and I saw Margaret CHO!!! and she was awesome! totally political and hilarious and the cotillion was, like, packed with a million gay people. Margaret Cho is indescribably fabulous.
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