Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

inconsiderate attribute of the day

By the way, this weekend I remembered that I really hate it when people go to throw something away, see that the trash can is overfilled, and just set whatever they've got teetering on top of it or (worse) on the floor beside it. Smushing it down is one thing, okay, but if it's clear that what you've got to throw away won't fit, and you set it someplace it shouldn't be, that means someone, sometime, is going to have to pick it up, because you couldn't walk 50 feet to another trash can. It's the mark of a true asshole... "This'll show them to send the custodians around every HOUR!". No, okay? Because it costs twice as much money to send janitors around twice as often, and might not be practical, it's probably much easier for you to just find another trash can. It won't kill you. suck it up.
Tags: ranting
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