Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

happy halloween!

I had class until 8 or so tonight, I've got to work tomorrow, and my man's got a gig so i'm all alone, but dammit I'm going out to have a good time! Actually, part of that might involve going to see the man... he's at a club downtown and messaged me to say there was no cover or anything.

it's frikin' freezing outside. it makes me sad, because all the kids are outside in the cold trick-or-treating in coats and scarves and all that, and I used to HATE having to wear a coat over my costume. Still do. Good thing clubs have coatchecks, huh? But anyway, the cold brings back traumatic memories of mom trying to convince me that fairy wings stretched out over my huge puffy coat made me look every bit as much like a fairy. whatever.
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