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party arrangement

went to a halloween party last night. it's one I started, like four years ago when I moved here, I told my then group lead that we needed to have a giant halloween party... at his house! and it worked, it's tradition now, we're at year four.

the only thing weird is that a lot of people in the group are married with kids now, and I'm sorry to say this, but nobody ruins a party like married couples with kids. reasons:

1) They don't talk about much, except what it's like to be married with kids. There are dozens of subjects that we should have in common to discuss... news, politics, personal finance, the fashion industry, metro area cultural enhancement, you name it. But they never quite get there.

1a) If, in trying to start conversation, you accidently slip up and reveal something about your life that doesn't belong on the hallmark channel, they look at you like you have leprosy and try even harder to make sure the conversation is only about THEIR family.

2) They get tired and their kids get tired, and their kids get cranky and pissed off, but they don't go home when they should because they're in denial about the fact that their screaming children are in fact annoying.

3) Kids demand attention from everyone around them, and that right there isn't my idea of a party. I mean, I like kids, I just... eh, okay, maybe I don't like kids. No, I do like kids, I like them at church sunday mornings, I like them in parks and playgrounds, I like them on television. Just not on a friday night when I'm trying to celebrate one of my favorite holidays.

So knowing this, I showed up pretty late to things which is sad because it was sort of a cookout and we missed the good cookout food, there was just nasty cold hamburgers out on the table. Because married people with kids, when they go to a dinner party, figure the food should be served at 5:30 or 6.

Anyway they left and we had fun but I joked with the guy having the party that maybe next year he could officially have two... a 6-10 p.m. one for anyone bringing children, and a 10-2 a.m. one for the rest of us. No more overlapping. It doesn't work, we might as well stop trying.
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