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Rise and fall of friendster

I saw this link on slashdot and bitched to my boyfriend about it, and he said I was right on, so I'm making a livejournal entry.

A ton of years ago there was this website I registered on called "six degrees". My friend mikey got me on it... you put in your friends, and they put in their friends, and you saw who you were linked to, and it was cool. Then of course friendster came along years later and I thought it was a total ripoff, which is funny, because the NYT is giving it credit for being the first "social network" site that inspired myspace and youtube and myyearbook and whatever else is out there.

it definitely wasn't.

and now, after its rise, it's fallen, and I'm not surprised at all. maybe even a little happy in that evil way. why? because there really wasn't anything original about friendster! and myspace is even worse... either way, the point of the site is to hope that, when you put yourself out there, people come flocking. as the sites get older and fewer people are around to care, it dies off exponentially.

So that's why, when I started advicenators, I made it a very clear point that it was not a community site, it was an advice site. You don't have to "connect" or "network" or "make friends", if you don't like the content on the site (questions) you can supply it yourself, it's totally what you make it, not what your friends make it. Some people got it and some people didn't. I sometimes worry about the guy who owns it now... he's talked about guestbooks and forums and custom skins and I hold back because it's not my site anymore, but really I wish I could make everyone see that my purpose was to make an advice site because an advice site hadn't been done before. Guestbooks and forums and "shout-outs" have. If people start coming to the site for the shout-outs, and stop coming for the advice, we've lost our power and originality. It's true that my idea did not make me a billionaire. And we didn't get a million members, and Google didn't offer me a job, but I'm still proud of what I did because I think it was interesting. And you know what? I don't see it dying off any time soon. And even if it does die off, it will still serve its purpose... which is "come get advice" and not "come be where all your friends are".

my point? stop making rip-off websites! not only will you go down, but you will go down annoying. I think I've been fighting the demon since 1998... hell, even got popular because of the useless blobs, and those were just invented to make fun of all the lame "adoption" graphic homepages on geocities, and I bet I outdid them. the useless quiz is still my most popular quiz and it just makes fun of all the other quizzes. so obviously, i'm not the only one who sees the humor in how repetetive people are.

i'm not the most original person in the world, but please people, at least I try.

I give myspace two more years.
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