Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Marc got scheduled this week so that his only night off is the night that I have class until like 9. so no happy after work time ALL WEEK. I was gone all weekend, and then I was so depressed about not getting to see him tonight that after work I went to the grocery store and had a Depressed Grocery Store Trip, and we all know how healthy those turn out to be.

oh, and it was worse, because I was afraid to buy lettuce since it might have e.coli. I did buy brocolli though.

and I came home and sat on the couch and ate it, with bacon cheddar ranch dip to cancel out any potential health benefits.

THEN marc called and said he missed me and was going to come home on his break so we could eat together! curses all around! well, at least we'll get to hang for a bit.

oh, and cute overload had a cute picture of an inchworm reading Jane Austen... awe :) so there's things to be happy about.
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