Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

horray for gold cards!

bought $140 worth of transmitter components today for senior design. My group will give me their half of the money too, but we're probably gearing up to spend another $500 on a card that takes a serial signal, remembers it, and spits it back to a PC later. Is there a cheaper way to do this? I'm sure of it. But we're all morons and nothing has worked so far, so we're now just going to throw money at the problem and hope it goes away. Very american, huh?

Did pay my bill from last month today though, and as long as Dad payed back what he owed me it should do all of it. I've got about $200 left to my name. Yes, I'm going to go to Canada on that--hell, what are credit cards for? I've got a bazillion dollar limit on that thing for no particular reason. At one point this summer when I was buying up lots of computer parts I had a $1200 balance, but I paid it right off with my fat miserable-job paychecks. Nowadays it never gets over $500 or so, but the limit is almost five grand, so what the hell.

I once asked a telemarketer offering me a credit card where she got my name. She said they used a service related to career services which was related to... blah blah, it basically came down to the "THROUGH YOUR OWN SCHOOL". Ouch. College! They give us credit cards with huge limits knowing that we'll get in deep huge amounts of debt but still get their money because mommy and daddy will bail us out... just not before huge amounts of interests pile up so we can't see our way out. And our college is okay with that, at least, okay enough to sell our contact information for pennies apiece. I've never carried a balance on my cards. Well, maybe once. But I'm responsible about it, good with money, I don't spend much. The thought of debt scares me. Right now money is kind of a non-entity in my life, when I need stuff (like senior design supplies) it's there, but I live cheaply for that little luxury. eat at the food service. live for three days on macaroni and cheese. not buy bras this year. I kinda like the feeling, I like how much I spend on a regular basis, I like not having to cut out parts of my life to get by one month. And dorms--cheap internet, free cable, all the milk you want with every meal.

in general i don't like money or finance, it all bores me to tears, so I suppose my strategy is to pretend like it doesn't exist. textbooks don't cost $300, they just cost, you just know. stuff like that. college is... weird. it makes you think of things in ways that probably won't work for anyone on the outside, but that's how it goes I guess.
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