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murderers and terrorists

So I'm home with the 'rents and Dad rented United 93, which isn't a movie I'd normally rent, but once he started it I couldn't stop watching it because it's really, really intense. I mean, I basically didn't breathe through... the whole movie. So if you're into that I'd recommend it.

it's not a movie I'd normally see because people in my house and general circle of friends tend to support only... like, MTV sex comedies. Wedding Crashers was huge with us. Anything with Adam Sandler will take off. And when I'm by myself (which is never, but that's not the topic of this post) I try to rent artsy independent films to offset that.

But ANYWAY watching United 93 the week after that crazy guy killed six amish schoolgirls (if you missed it, don't look it up in the news, it's really disturbing) leads me to post this poll...

Who scares you more?

People who are crazy because of their religion
People who are crazy because they are mentally ill
About the same, really
What's the difference?

I know what a lot of you will say... religious crazies, because they can get mobs behind them. I think I'm going to beg to differ on this one. First, all-out crazy people don't need mobs because they already are one... in Wichita where I live, for example, it's been years since the religious crazies were shooting at people, and I don't know that they've ever killed anyone. But we just had a high schooler get shot while working at QuikTrip because some schizoid said the voices made him do it. that's my little town.

Also, I still believe that you can talk to people about religion... maybe that's incorrect, i've failed at it many times, but I still have naive faith going.
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