Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

damn, short term capital gains

I sold my BABY. and I mean the symbol... it was the first stock I bought that was doing good... and now I'm all eeeehrn about it, you know? I made money though, 41% in three months after you factor in the scottrade commissions. My original goal was just to try and beat the 2% interest rate I was getting on the credit union savings account I took the money out of.

My other stocks aren't doing quite that well... I have yet to break even on my first two, and the last one I bought is just sort of floating even.

But this is what playing the market is all about, okay! buying, selling, never wishing that you'd held out for $15/share. don't look back, just make money! mad money! I'm a capitalist! and a grown-up, at that!
Tags: finance
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