Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

cake for what

nothing's worse than going into the breakroom at work and finding the *remnants* of treats somebody brought in... a cake plate with crumbs, you know, or a tupperware thing with three chocolate chips and cookie crumbs in it, it's just tough. I told a friend of mine about this, she's an interior designer, and she just shrugged it off... "It seems like every other day there's a birthday in our office, with more treats, so I can miss a few."

revelation! apparently other departments acknowledge birthdays, no not just birthdays, every birthday, and there's sugary food involved. so that's what I let go of when I decided to be an engineer! sonuva... treats in our office are only provided when one of the admin assistants has a boring weekend. I figured that's how it was everywhere. not so, I see.
Tags: office politics
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