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emergency contraception

blogger is refused EC

fabulous (and by fabulous, I mean horrifying) story of one woman's attempts to avoid unplanned pregnancy and abortion by using emergency contraception. She poses the moral of the story as a question, but personally I'd say that the moral of the story is this: If you live in a state where people sometimes judge others according to unfair moral standards (and Kansas is one of those states, local friends), and you're female, and you can imagine a situation where you might need emergency contraception, get a prescription NOW. And if your doctor won't write one, get another doctor. Then find out what pharmacies you'll be able to get it filled at.

I personally think it's very wrong for pharmacies to tell their workers to fill prescriptions for medicine if they feel like it.

I'm an engineer with great experience in the aircraft industry. There are a hundred reasons I'd love to work for Lockheed Martin or Boeing... good money, could lead to aerospace, could lead to NASA, you name it, but I'll never apply at those companies because I don't want to make bombs. I don't even want to work for a company that makes them, even if they told me I wouldn't wind up on a military project, I'm uncomfortable with the whole situation.

What I'm saying is that my company has ethics guidelines that they publish, sets of standards, and it's mostly about the limits to gifts you can get from suppliers and responsibility to report environmental hazards and all that, but my point is that they draw a line, and if I disagree with that line I don't have to work there. If you're uneducated enough to believe that EC is the same as an abortion, and you disagree with abortion, and you're working for a pharamacy that says, "It's okay for us to make money off something half our employees disagree with" then you're in moral gray area, okay? you, the worker. not us, the sex fiends. we know what's right and we're not using subversive, misleading tactics to make people think we're with them so we can turn around and not be.
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