Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

killed the radio star

My favorite radio station goes off the air in two days.

I'm really sad. Almost every wichita station (for all I know, every station period) is owned by Journal Broadcast or Entercom or Clearchannel or some other corporate ahole who plays whatever they want to feed us, except for Fly 92.7. And they got sold and will change to a spanish station on september first.


I still have an NPR preset, and that's cool, we all sort of "own" it, but they don't play much rock music. I also have a preset for 107.9 jamz, a local urban station owned by a local community leader who dreamed of having a black-owned radio station. It's true that I'm not black, but I do love hip hop, and they have other neat community feeling things about them... high school voices sponsored by the Urban League, sunday morning gospel, a call-in show hosted by Michael Kinard (who ran against Tiahrt in last year's congressional race here... anybody who runs against him is a friend of ours, trust me). So even though I can't totally be one of them it's nice to have a progressive station out there.

Wikipedia lists 24 radio stations in Wichita. 6 are owned by various Christian groups. 13 are owned by Journal/Clearchannel/Entercom (what's the difference?). There are two NPR affiliates. We have a Bob FM station like everybody else. And 107 jamz.

but no more fly.

Marc, my independent dj boyfriend, gave up on radio years ago. he never listens to it, he just makes CDs and talks to friends about music, and considers airways worthless. I wish it didn't have to be like this, you know?
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