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big whiners about campus parking

the kids at wichita state bitch about parking, and I can't believe it. I mean, when people enroll at WSU do they visit any other college campus? Do they talk with anyone else about what life is like at their college?

WSU has not one but two parking lots that, from what I've seen in my two years there, always have spaces available. On campus. and get this... they're basically at diagonal corners from one another, one is on the southwest corner of the campus and the other on the northeast, so you never have to walk to the opposite corner. Last semester I had to park in the southwest lot during the day, and my class in the engineering building is on the southeast corner of campus, so I was about as far as you possibly could be. It was about a ten minute walk. yeah, that's as bad as it gets, and students think they have it tough. This semester my classes don't start until the afternoon, so by the time I get to campus around 3:30 or so, the lot close to the engineering building has spots available and my walk is cut to about three minutes, plus five to climb the three flights of stairs because I don't generally believe in elevators.

I mean, I knew a guy at a california school who told me there was no place to park where he went to school, but he was serious. There was literally no place to park. Grocery stores THREE MILES from campus had tow trucks on speed dial to keep college kids out of their lots. If you didn't get there at 7 a.m. you were doomed, and it didn't matter that your class wasn't until 2, and the public transportation schedule lined up so horribly with classes that kids literally flunked out and gave up on higher education because they couldn't get to the buildings.

Pittsburg basically had one big parking lot east of the campus at the football stadium, and everybody had to park there. There were plenty of 20 minute walks, and yes, people complained, especially because the parking lot was at one end of the campus and all the buildings were at the other. It's like they built a college and then thought, "We should build a parking lot... damn. how about back there?"

but I think the WSU kids complain more, and that's what blows my mind!
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