Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

so the first day of school was pretty normal. my first professor strictly forbids yawning in his class, and singled out two people for warnings during the lecture. but he maintained the idea that it's going to be fun, involved, and interesting. my second professor gave us a knowledge probe quiz (downright evil, the first day back from summer) which would have been a lot easier had I remembered my damn calculator. The first several questions involved converting three digit numbers from decimal/octal to hexadecimal, so everybody in the room hits like four buttons on their TI-8X and it's done and I'm the one pathetic loser filling up the back of my quiz with long division.

then I went out to dinner with ms A, who's getting some wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I kept forgetting about that one, I should have brought her a card or something, I'm a bad friend. she was talking about all the applesauce and yogurt she's bought for the weekend and I was like, "what for?" as if she hasn't told me twenty times.

work status: still absolutely insane. I gotta go. le sigh.
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