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Driving through our neighborhood to work this morning I went past all these kids waiting outside for the bus on, oh yeah, the first day of school. awwwwe! and I secretly laughed at them because they're in middle school or whatever, and I am a grownup. sucks to be them! my clothes actually fit me. I have my own car. my boyfriend is cooler than anyone they even know. I can drink, vote, and buy porn (in whatever order I feel like). I am not waiting for a bus to take me to hang out with 13 year olds all day.

sadly enough I am facing my own first day of school, because classes start tomorrow. can't win em all, huh?

things to do before classes:

1) Pack my bag, and don't forget it.
2) Hit up the bookstore and if the line is short, buy the microcontrollers book that I decided was too pricey on amazon, even used.
3) Shake off incurable addiction to Dr. Mario (evil NES emulator will be the death of all that is productive in me)

Final goal, and it's more a short term one, is to pay my tuition off in a reasonable amount of time this year. Last year I put it on my credit card and then got stuck carrying a balance ALL SEMESTER, it was horrible, I freaked. My solution was to create a budget, scary as that may be. But it actually worked... eventually, I had the card paid off, and I kept sticking to the budget because, well, it worked. Basically I listed things that were sort of weird and flexible for me all the time (groceries, meals and entertainment) and estimated what I needed for those and vowed only to use cash for them, not the credit card. The card was for gas, bills, insurance, etc. Every week I took out a set amount of cash, and when it was gone, I'd find a way to live on what was around the house. And yes, I've had weeks when my Friday cash was gone by Sunday at 3:00, and that makes lunches out the rest of the week pretty boring, but at least I knew what my limits were. And I also liked it because I no longer felt guilty about going out to eat or whatever, it was in the budget. The only thing I didn't budget was gifts. I don't think you should ever cheap out on that stuff, you should always buy whatever wedding/birthday/christmas present you think the person would appreciate without feeling constricted by cost. I should probably shake the philosophy that large liquor purchases are "gifts" though, just because I invite like two people over for cinco de mayo.

Anyway... paying off 7 graduate credit hours is still not an all-in-one-payment thing, but I have a low-rate card and a plan, and hopefully this year it won't take me until February. Incidentally, this whole budget idea came from the lj people, I think. I did a poll to ask them if I should take savings money to pay stuff off or just try to discipline myself, and discipline won out. so thanks, guys.

oh, final final goal before tomorrow: I have to plan out my outfit. it's the first day of school, after all.
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