Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the lakeway hotel

Kansas is fabulous.

1) Family moves to western Kansas and opens a bed and breakfast.
2) Their 12 year old gives them a rainbow flag, because Kansas reminds him of "somewhere over the rainbow"
3) They hang it up, because it's summery and from their kid
4) Townspeople get angry because the rainbow flag is also a symbol of gay rights. Nice innkeeper says he doesn't care.
5) Local preacher tells him he might as well be flying underwear from the flagpole. When the innkeeper says he might do that, the preacher threatens to have him arrested.
6) News interviews a resident comparing the rainbow flag to a nazi one, the flag gets cut down and hotel boycotted
7) Someone paints the word FAG on a brick and throws it through the window

and the hilarity ensues! I've seriously had people question me for being a gay rights advocate, claiming that if gay people would just mind their own business, the world would leave them alone... they don't need advocates, they need to shut up, and hide away, and just let all the bigots out there keep up the fear and hatred because there's nothing wrong with it. but there is something wrong with it: that's a crappy approach to democracy, people! and it leads to people who think it's okay to treat someone like shit because they hang up a flag with too many colors.

I'm not saying we should lock people up for hating gays, you have the right to think what you want. But I am saying we should be out there, every day, telling people that this kind of discriminiation is wrong. It should be "in your face", it should be out there, and it shouldn't be pushed out because a few people think the problem would go away if we'd just all sit at home not talking about it.
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