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classes about to start

so I was signed up to take this graduate-level class on analyzing computer performance at WSU, and what happens? I get an e-mail from the department last week asking me to drop it immediately, because it won't be offered after all. AHHHH! I had the perfect schedule worked out, last april, I was enrolled in the class, billed for the class, the whole bit, and the class sounded cool! I wanted to take it!

I found another graduate class in that time slot, but it's 500 level, not 700 level, and I'm limited in the number of 500 level credits I can apply to the masters degree. So I signed up for it, but now if another 500 or 600 level class comes up that I want to take I'll be screwed, because I won't be able to use it for anything.

it makes me nervous about this whole masters thing. I mean, I have this all planned out to finish at the end of 2008, but it means I have to take six credit hours a semester, and I have to get the required classes scheduled in. what if they screw with me like this on my last semester? it's really about impossible to balance the whole work/school schedule. oh, and I totally resent all those annoying people who are like, "you shouldn't have gotten an engineering masters, I'm getting my MBA with 12 weekend internet courses, and then I'll have a masters just like you!" they decided it wasn't worth it to sign up for these university classes, and I'm starting to think they did the right thing. oh, and of course there are engineering masters degree programs online, but they won't take me because I don't have an actual engineering degree, i have an engineering technology degree, and this WSU thing is the only way I'll ever be a "real" engineer.

I question how sane I am for doing this to myself every semester... this one just sucks because i've started the questioning before the semester.
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