Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

basic saturday, taking car of car

my journal has been teh suck lately... I don't know if that's because my life has been boring or I've been too lazy to update. I guess I don't think life has anything to do with it. I'm always telling people how fun blogging is, and when they claim to have nothing to write about I'm like, "Bullshit, that's like telling me you have nothing important to say, no important thoughts, no valid philosophies worth sharing... who the hell are you?"

but lately that's sorta me.

yesterday I bought new tires for the car... it was making some awful noise from the back end, and I figured it was because the tires were either off balance or worn out, probably both. the two back tires had 60,000 miles on them and I hadn't had anything rotated in like a year. anyway it doesn't make the noise anymore... yes! and last weekend the air filter got cleaned, like 20,000 miles overdue, and it accelerates a lot better now. you may wonder why I suck at keeping up with scheduled maintenance and here's the deal: I have a lot of guilt over the fact that I don't work on my own car much. I look at the maintenance thing, see that it's time to, say, change the spark plugs, and I'm like, "I can do that myself, it'll be awesome!" but in truth I'm too scared to do it myself, and too shy to ask friends to help me, even to provide good garage space and tools, I hate being that girl who asks people to work on her car. I was like that with moving, too. I had like six things to move and agonized about asking for help or just hiring someone to do it, and finally I asked for help and everyone was happy to do it, and I bought them beer and pizza and they were even more happy, and it was a great time.

so I'll freak out about the maintenance complexities for very long periods of time and then finally pay someone to do it, which always works out great, I've got the money and that way if it's screwed up I'll just go back to them.

I should have changed out transmission fluid 10,000 miles ago. I have done that before, with some help from friends, so I could do it again but it's a real mess on an automatic. uhg. well, I'll make that decision when I've paid for the tires.

afterwards I went to ms a's pool and we laid in the sun and read magazines (she's the queen of magazines, I just have to be careful I don't accidently pick up a bridal one and I'm cool). I'm really sunburnt today and it hurts. we weren't out there until well after 2, and it was cloudy, so I only bothered with sunscreen on my face and shoulders and chest. i'm an idiot.
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