Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

All I can write is conversation tidbits, because I'm too lazy to write paragraphs. it's, like, too hot or something.

B: You want to go swimming with us?

Spacefem: Actually, we're kind of tired.

Marc: We'll probably just rent a movie.

B: Are you an old married couple now? was that a collective telepathic decision?

Spacefem: No! Absolutely not, we usually love going out. I mean, I love going out, regardless of what my boyfriend is doing.

Marc: And I also love going out! These are very independent decisions being made here!

Spacefem: thank you! seriously, we're not one of *those* couples, who get boring and domestic. or even worse, have to use "we" in every sentence!

Marc: they really annoy us!
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