Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

puppy toys

My roommate got her dog a squeeky toy. I'd asked her about that before, because we learned early that if we play squeeky, rubber duck sounds over computers the dog just freaks out and it's hysterical, you can play it softer and he'll go look in another room, or louder and he'll come running up, only to stop and sniff and cock his head and try to understand where it's coming from. So I asked her once why we'd never gotten the dog a squeeky toy and she's said it was all annoying and he'll be obsessed with it and he's had it before and we'll want to kill him. but he'd be so happy!

so yesterday we get home and there's a squeeky toy on top of the TV! but I didn't see him get it, because we got home at like 10 last night and everybody in the house was already in bed, including the dog.

Today I got home from work and nobody was here, and the dog's outside so I let him in, and IMMEDIATELY he's looking around because he knows there's a squeeky toy even if he doesn't hear it, it was awesome, he was everywhere. Finally I just gave it to him and it was pure joy... he chewed it, squeeked it, ran around the house squeeking it, and it didn't even get annoying, he was having so much fun!

except all the sudden it's not squeeking. what the hell. an hour? it couldn't take infinite love just for that long?
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