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make ya feel proud

pride yesterday was awesome! it was hot, sure, and we were there for EIGHT HOURS, sure (I was stuck working a booth, marc was stuck playing pre-chosen drag show music) but I met some really cool people and it was neat to see the crowds. the politics group got some more members and donations, I got a cool free calendar from NOW, got to talk a bit with the Code Pink ladies, all that. They're saying there were like 1000 people there which is awesome, especially since it was in a little park in between downtown buildings with not-so-great parking. the damn cops tried to start our parade early before everybody was lined up, that was annoying, they told us we were holding up traffic and we were like, "hello? what part of "we have a permit" do you not understand?" but that was seriously the most confrontational thing that happened the whole time. There were no protesters, no one complained to me, everybody was just cool, and marc got to play his own music in between scheduled shows for all the little kids to dance to.

a guy on the pride committee was like, "See, this is the way to be an activist! Pick an activity once a year, bust your ass for it, then pat yourself on the back and have some ice cream with your boyfriend on victory day. End of story." God does he have a point. I hated waiting around to see what the legislative session would bring this year, trying to deal with all this administrative bullshit in the politics group, planning for stuff that may or may not really happen. I still like being involved, and I know to really sink in you have to get involved early, but it's hard to stay motivated without big goals. need to keep pondering that.
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