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On the way to a float trip one year ago we stopped at a grocery store in Parsons, KS so I could run in and grab marshmellows, and that's where I ran into this guy I went to college with. We were RAs in the dorms together, it was crazy to run into him, he was teaching high school out there. We gave really quick updates on what we were doing, and then I got back on the road, with that nice feeling you get when you run into people from college who are doing okay just like you are. Like, it's all happening, just like we wanted, huh? So you can imagine how weird I felt when I was at the gym last night and saw his picture on the 5:00 news next to a high school girl. I got no dialog with the story so of course I was like, "Oh, great, he's in jail. go pitt state."

But I went home and checked and he's not in jail. He was on a school trip to costa rica (he teaches spanish) and was swept out into the ocean by riptides, along with three of his students. I am absolutely stunned. and even thought i didn't know him well and hadn't talked to him in a year, well, I'm also absolutely sad. people my age aren't dying yet, right?
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