Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

who eats ya, baby?

I got up at like 4:30 this morning because I'm so damn excited about the float trip this weekend! yeeah! and next weekend too, of course. divine ms a and I made 160 jello shots to share with the group (includes spacefem's purple passion everclear death shots, and the special edition welcome-to-summer green margarita shots). part of me kinda felt like we should have made more sugar free ones. We made about 16 of them, mainly because there's a diabetic in our group, but aren't they better for you? or are artificial sweetners just as evil, if not worse, since it's chemicals?

I've been wanting to eat healthy lately. like, craving it. I've been working out for three weeks and starting to feel, finally, like something on me has some firmness to it, and I hate throwing it away on crap food. I go to restaurants and despise the portions... who the fuck needs a half pound hamburger? I talk marc into splitting a lot of stuff with me... we get a salad, we get an entree, we're full.

I think about food all the time.

here's the bad thing... at the health club, I'll be on the eliptical machine churning away, and there's these TVs that will show commercials for big macs or KFC chicken bowls or papa john's and I just start drooling, it's so bad, it looks so good. I'll bet I haven't had a big mac in years.

back to the excitement at hand... it's marc's first float trip, so that's fun. I'm trying to convince him that sunscreen is a really good idea, but he's brown, so maybe it doesn't matter. I'll burn no matter what I do, there's always some damn spot I miss, I usually wear a t-shirt in the middle of the day because there's just no hope. SPF 45 is a joke. I need a burqa.
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