Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my favorite month, until next month

This weekend was fun... I went to Nebraska with some friends to watch vintage baseball and explore the exciting city of Grand Island (which isn't really very exciting, but whatever). It was quality time, you know? Saturday night we went to a microbrewery and had some steaks, and asked a waitress where the hot clubs were and she kind of laughed. Legally they all close at 1 a.m. (and I thought Wichita was oppressive... at least it's 2 here!) and there were like two sort of top 40/hip-hop places. We decided it wasn't worth it and hit a liquor store, brought drinks back to the hotel room and played cards and watched cable.

oh, and vintage baseball was interesting too... it turns out in the 1870s, if you catch a fly ball after it bounces once, it's an out. we checked out the rest of the stuhr museum while we were there and it's a lot like cowtown here... historic houses, a town, a blacksmith, a saloon, crazy people in period costumes, I'm not totally into it but it's fun.

June is CRAZY road trip month, just like last year, and it rules. here I was afraid I'd be bored this summer and it's coming out to be an adventure just like the last one. Next week is the first float trip! the fun officially begins!

Things to do in preparation:

Monday - Purchase anything and everything we want to freeze, and leave it all in Marc's freezer. I own two 2L fridge bottles which I'll probably fill with margarita for the group. Also need to buy some meat for grilling and a case of bottled water.

Tuesday - Sundries. Go to Target, get a waterproof camera, go to Gander Mountain to get the camp chairs I should have bought when I first saw them. Also, I borrowed a tent from a friend, so this would be a good time for Marc and I to pitch it in the basement to make sure we're not learning how in the dark wilderness.

Wednesday - help divine miss a make jello shots. YES! think about how to pack cooler.

Thursday - depart.

and it all happens again next week for the mikey trip! I'm a floating maniac.
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