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Last night after Final Friday we went to see X-Men III, opening night, it was way fun and as good as all the other X-Men movies. Part of me hoped it'd be better... totally kick ass, you know? But they missed something in it. I'm still figuring out what exactly they missed so I can explain it... like, the intellectual/philosophy aspects lacked a little bit, characters weren't as deep as they could have been, and everyone was more reactionary than I think they have been. But whatever.

Oh, and I've never liked storm. maybe because halley barry was in that bad "Monster's Ball" movie (first softcore porn to win an oscar) or because everything storm does is so damn slow and overdramatic.

This whole row in front of us was occupied by a row of guys who seem to know each other really well... from the internet. oh, and there was one girl. everyone was either overweight or underweight with weird hair and t-shirts advertising websites, and I was like, "Marc, it's our people!" I've been drifting away from geekdom as I've gotten older. I fit in. It's really sad. Actually, I think the issue is that in high school, only 5% of the population feels like they're part of the in crowd, so everybody else picks a spot in between somewhere. When you reach adulthood, suddenly everyone's a little more accepting, so more people fit in, so the real nerds stand out more. So anyway I'd say it was worth the opening night lines just to see x-men with all them, and get to hear all the banter of true dedicated fandom (eg, when Juggernaut asks, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" three of these guys yelled "THE JUGGERNAUT!!!" before he did, like, YES, show the badass juggernaut love!")

afterwards marc and I walked to a bar with an outdoor porch, got some drinks and sat outside, just us, and it was nice. I really like downtown Wichita, I'd love to live there someday, just park my car every night and walk out to eat or meet friends or see a movie or art galleries or shops. all that fitting in stuff, damn. am i a sellout?
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