Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

review of yesterday

okay so yesterday was my pre-birthday mental health celebration, and here's what I did:

- Wrote a long, therapudic livejournal entry.

- Got up and went to the club and worked out for like two hours! lifted some weights, cardio, stretched a lot.

- Listened to a voice mail from mom, a strong supporter of mental health days, congratulating me on finally taking one. thanks mom :)

- Went home, showered, and took a nap.

- Got up. Went downtown and wrote a check to the scottrade people so I can trade stocks! yay!

- Grabbed a blackberry green tea fruppucino at starbucks and went shopping... bought running shoes at first gear, then went to Target to try on swimsuits since I was feeling so fabulous I thought not even swimsuit shopping could get me down! I was sort of wrong... I tried on two, and it was a cold reminder that swimsuit shopping can bring anyone down, so I decided to stop there before it got worse. I did buy some adorable new green heels, which is a sign about how I'm fabulous because I hardly ever buy heels, I'm too tall and afraid I'll scare people. But ever so often I'm like, screw it, I don't care if I'm scary, I'm fabulous!

- Came home and it was like 5 and marc was back so we went to botanica together, it was lovely.

In the evening we just hung out and watched a movie and played some scrabble since there is big partying tonight and we didn't want to be too worn out.

and today's my birthday! yay, I'm 26!
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