Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

mental health day

So a few weeks ago I scheduled a vacation day, not really knowing why, except that I haven't had a vacation day in a while and have lots of hours saved up and it's my birthday, almost. and I knew I'd be going out of town this weekend so I wanted a day to just think about how fabulous I am and maybe spend quality time with Marc. It grew closer and I thought about canceling it, because it's sort of silly to take vacation for no apparent reason, and marc got a job that requires him to work all day Friday, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. so tomorrow I'm not working! I'm going to spend the day doing whatever I damn well please. I don't really remember the last time I had a day like that, between all the school and work and politics.

Official Agenda for Spacefem's Pre-26th Birthday Day To Herself:

Recover from whatever happens tonight (we're going out, and everyone knows what day is coming up for me)

Work out, since I haven't in like, forever.

Take myself out to lunch, preferably somewhere I can eat outside because it's been beautiful out lately (I ate outside today).

Drop a check off at scottrade so I can officially be one of those stock-trading, mad money grownups. I realize everything is at a five year high and this is a shit time to get into the markets, but I set this goal to get into the stock market and i'm going to finally do it, dammit.

Maybe visit botanica. It's free tomorrow.

Think about how fabulous I am.

Buy a new pair of running shoes, since the ones I have are four years old or something awful like that.

Take goodwill pile to goodwill, in an ongoing effort to get rid of all the crap I own.

Do whatever else I feel like.

[end of list, for now]
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