Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

final week

okay so I'm studying tonight, which is annoying... tomorrow is my final for this class I took this semester. it's been a pretty easy semester, just taking the one class, but I still didn't do all that great in it, I'm thinking maybe that six hours is a good way for me to raise my grades because with six hours you just adjust to studying every freaking night, and with just one class, you can sort of forget about it for a week or two then get back into it and there's all these waves.

anyway the professor drops your final if it's lower than your test grades, so he was supposed to tell us what our final grade was and how close we were to the next one and all that but DIDN'T. All I know is that I have a B, and from what I have my average is probably a 78 or so, but I don't know where the cutoffs are for an A or B (he said the A cutoff would definitely be less than 90... closer to 85ish). So I could skip the final tomorrow, keep my B and call it good, but the more I thought about it this week, the more I just felt like taking it. Because underneath it all, no matter how dumb it is, I am still the good girl overachiever who shows up for a final even when the professor says "A lot of you won't want to take this, if you're happy with your grade, and that's fine." I guess I also have this hope (however distant) that he'll just feel sorry for me and give me an A to be nice. That's a very distant hope though... engineering professors aren't usually nice at all, they're socially distant and frustrated by classes of students who immediately turn to the soduku puzzel in the newspaper when they hear sentences like, "This won't be on the homework but I think you'll find it interesting..."

okay so yeah, it won't kill me, one more test tomorrow, if anything I'm just curious to see what's on it. then I get a summer off! sweet!
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