Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

history search of the day

Okay, does anybody remember that weird hip-hop/house mix or whatever used in George H. Bush's campaign against Clinton in 1992? Don't ask how I got to thinking about that, but the funny thing is, as soon as I brought it up, Marc remembered it too. Marc remembers all music so I didn't take this as a sign that it was terribly mainstream but still, now I'm determined to find it somewhere. it's fabulous bad campaign history, that's why, right by the cartoon people singing "I like Ike! You like Ike!" in some museum somewhere, I think we should have clips of George H. Bush singing, "Hard times, hard times... Something's gotta change!" Googling hasn't found anything so far, but maybe someone else remembers more of the song and can help out. It got radio play and I think that's the most amusing thing about the whole deal, besides the whole idea of a wealthy white conservative reaching out to the Youth Of America with via top 40 stations.
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