Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

another senior year

Only now I'm in college, foreseeing that the year will be a memorable one. Over the last three years I've tried to journal without success, not because there was nothing to write about, just because I was busy, lost interest, a combination somewhere in there. Remembering how great my senior high school journal was, I'm hoping this one will be similar.

As of thursday I'm moved in for the year. RA training started today, same old monotony as last year - games, speeches, ice breakers etc. My new staff looks interesting, it'll be interesting to see who'll turn out to be cool and who won't.

Dave and I have spent a lot of time together since yesterday, it was nice to see him really. He was nervous we'd be off to a bad start or I'd feel weird about him, that's Dave for you, my champion of overanalysis. In truth I feel close to him, very good about our friendship, but now would be a bad time for any relationship of mine to move forward, I'm in such a mess.

Four girls from my old floors will be my residents again, I can't belive it. They're all total sweethearts too, I think the year will be good if I keep my spirits up and don't get burnt out. I've got drop room in my class schedule and plenty of time to think about what I want from life. Nine months from now I'll graduate and have it all figured out, at least that's how it looks now. At the rate I'm going it should all just fall into place.

Tonight - watch Who Am I starring Jackie Chan himself, should be very good :)
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