Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

mundane weirdness

I think about aliens a lot... maybe more than other people, it's hard to say, it's not like I ask everyone around me about it, it's just always on my mind. I think about how we'd explain ourselves to aliens if they showed up. I thought about it tonight at a bar with my friends watching this group of office dweebs sing karaoke, sort of half-dancing and clapping while a couple held microphones. there was a guy wearing a necktie, and a woman with curled bangs, and another woman wearing a vest with buttons, and several others all looking equally awkward and terrible. but anyway, they were up there on stage to celebrate good times. c'mon. and that's what made me think... how would we explain this to the aliens? the clothes, the dance, the way everyone else was trying not to pay attention. I'm always wondering how to explain alcohol and, well, every kind of dancing, so I guess bad not-bouncing isn't special.

I'm concerned about all sorts of impractical clothing, including shirts with collars, loafers with tassles, and ties. anything people flock to will get weird too... football games, religious services, movies, concerts, dance clubs, festivals, shopping malls, zoos, and restaurants... don't even get me started on restaurants and eating all what we eat and how much TIME we spend eating. the seven-day workweek. matching sofa/loveseat sets.

karaoke tonight would still be the hardest thing.
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