Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

voice mail

okay, I'm thinking about changing my voice mail to say something like, "Hi, you have reached my voice mail, but I have caller ID so if you just want me to call you back you don't have to leave a message, I can see that you called. In fact, if you leave a message, it'll just slow down my calling you back because I'll have to stop to check my voice mail first, and I'll be in a bad mood because my voice mail is annoying and doesn't let me delete a message until I listen to the whole thing. And anyway if I don't call you back when I see I've missed your call, it's because I don't like you, and a voice mail won't change that. text me. or e-mail. or call later. or something... just don't leave a message... PLEASE!!!" BEEEEEEP!

anyway if you call me and that's what it says, it's not you, it's everyone.
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