Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

great expectations

last night we went to a club, and the club was LAME. I'm starting to think that this summer can't be as automatically fun as last summer. Maybe fun requires a different formula every year. Marc says it requires the right music coming out, and 2005 was basically one long musical orgasm, there was so much great stuff to listen to, the new Liz Phair, Weezer, Sleater-Kinney, Green Day, I even got into 50 Cent, hell! I'm also afraid that, seeing as how it was my first summer being single since I reached adulthood, single status might be a requirement for all the fun too, and I'm not single anymore.

I guess I live in a better place now where we have friends over more often, maybe that's part of the key.

either way I decided not to take summer school. sure, it'd shave a semester off my master's degree, which I won't have until the end of 2008 now, at the earliest. when I thought about it and thought about summer I figured, eh, what's one year where I don't go on all the float trips or road trips, where I don't take vacation, don't leave town, don't party all summer? i'll sit this one out, right, be responsible, stay in school.

then I woke up and realized that *just one summer* of studying instead of getting out and having fun is still a summer I'll never get back. even if I've grown up and realized that when Flashbacks isn't lame, the apocolypse is coming, good things always happen to me during the warm months. I'm not sitting this one out.
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