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easy like sunday morning

Since this sunday was only 23 hours long (so depressing) I figured I'd do a nice, all-encompassing entry spelling out what I did for all 23 of those hours. It's actually a pretty typical sunday, which is why it's always so hard to explain to coworkers what I did all weekend.

midnight - We were at the Lizard Lounge because The Sleepy Truckers were playing and my coworker group loves them. They're a great band but I wanted to dance and it wasn't that kind of music, so we convinced everyone to ditch out and go to Glacier, this gay club on the south side, where we can actually hear some house music. Ten of us left the lizard lounge. Five of us made it to Glacier. The others decided they were too homophobic and went home. Oh, and there were all these cops there, they made some excuse about not wanting to go in and deal with all that and we're like, "What all that? Cops just means it's a decent party."

2 am - got home, passed out.

8 am - alarm goes off, time to get up and get ready for church. realize that it's actually...

9 am - I just haven't set the clock forward. shit. no time to get ready or eat breakfast, we just throw clothes on and drive.

10 am - Marc and I are in church, sitting apart from everybody, hoping nobody notices the glitter lotion I still have on or smells the bar smoke from last night. it's church so they're not allowed to judge, and we're in the casual service, where you're presumably allowed to smell. Still glad that we were at glacier most of the night where hardly anybody smokes, it's like the least smokey bar in wichita, if we'd gone anywhere else I would have skipped church entirely.

11 am - I decide that I'm craving tuna fish salad and Marc agrees that it would be lovely, so we go to the store, buy the stuff for it, and go home. He chops tomatoes and onions while I peel eggs.

noon - Marc goes back to the store because we forgot the pickle relish.

1 pm - Lunch was wonderful. We made enough for my roommate and her boyfriend, who'd just woken up. Afterwards marc and I decide to take a nap.

2 pm - naptime is over. It's a nice day, and we haven't been to the zoo in weeks, so that's where we go. it was very crowded. Lots of the crazy fuzzy chickens were out so that was pretty damn awesome, but we couldn't find the giant placostomas fish in the jungle aquarium, and that was sad because we love him.

4 pm - We're very tired from the zoo. Skip the chimanzees entirely to get home. Marc wants ice cream, so we go to marble slab where he has strawberry and buys me peanut butter with snickers mixed in.

5 pm - go home and shower, finally.

7 pm - downtown rally to end homelessness in Wichita. there are no 24/7 shelters in our city, only temporary ones, and a sad lack of services in general for the homeless. there's a candlelight vigil and we hear from lots of political and religious leaders calling for a change. everyone wears t-shirts that say, "How long is temporary?"

8 pm - stop and get Taco bell before Marc has to go to work.

9 pm - think about studying. update livejournal. if anything else exciting happens, I'll edit this to update on it.
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