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day III

I've been pretty good at this conference at getting out of this silly hotel room and walking around talking to people, making sure I eat lunch with other people my company sent, exploring the hotel, etc. which is great, but it also means I've had zero time to update the journal! I have to write up a one-page thing about this weekend for work, so maybe that'll help me get some details up here.

In the past few days I've met a thousand women pilots, educators, engineers, and armed forces members (apparently there are over 3000 women here, and some men, it's a crazy zoo). I've met women who serve on the crew of a KC-135 tanker and refuel fighters in the air, women who trained to fly airplanes in WWII and helped test and ferry them at home when congress wouldn't let them actually join the services, women who've built their own airplanes, and Eileen Collins, an amazing astronaut who I got to personally meet and talk to and she was such a good sport about being mobbed by these crazy boeing girls (and me!). The WASPs (WWII pilots) kind of get their day in the sun a few times a year, we were all incredibly excited to see them and they asked us to write their kids and tell them how famous they are. They opened the floor up for questions and someone asked them if they remembered any songs or chants they used to sing, and they sang us a song, something funny and 40s-like, about callng home and saying you're ragged but okay. They were great!

Eileen Collins is like a rock star all the time so I couldn't believe she was willing to take time with every single one of us and actually ask what we do and say a few things. I was nervous when I met her so I couldn't say much but I told her I was in avionics and she was like, "That's a really fun segment to be in, good choice!" and I got a picture and ran away because there was this huge line that I didn't want to hold up. wow!

So yeah... I also have pens, flashlights, keychains, little squishy airplanes, bags, pamphlets, mirrors, you name it. so, yeah, that's where I'm at! hope everybody at home is doing awesome, I'll try to post some pictures when I get them developed (I'm like, the last person on earth to buy a digital camera, sorry)
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