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Women in Aviation conference: day 1

I'm thinking my company sent me to this conference way too early... I mean granted, all the other women are here, so it's good bonding time, but there is about nothing going on today. We had a gal take our picture and she was like, "Oh, I've heard of your airplanes! What are you doing here?" and we sorta looked at each other and told her we were going across the street to the outlet mall.

so sure, I walked around and looked at the exhibits and that was pretty fun. I got lots of free stuff and talked to lots of people and got recruited a few times (did my company send me here to get rid of me?). I also spent LOTS of time walking around opryland, which is where all this is going on. there are like five other conferences going on here right now and I got to thinking about what it'd be like to check them out. I sorta want to learn how to be a better cell phone salesperson. I'd also like to visit booths of vendors who sell auto parts coated with dupont products, and learn about the different processes. But that's not what my name tag is for.

Conferences are so weird. You could spend a year and just camp out at this hotel and try to sneak into all of them, and then who would you be? You'd learn about women in aviation, for one thing, the pilots, the mechanics, the engineers. that's this week. maybe next week you'd be someone who writes software for a specific computer platform. or implements controls for a certain open bus structure. a nurse, an elephant trainer, a tuba player, a travel agent, a computer hacker.

You could start a museum full of printed keychains, pens, and mini flashlights and stack up the full-color brochures in your house until they filled rooms, unless you kept them all in the free plastic bags that snap close.

You'd be every weird niche. You'd be this whole layer of the world... not the best, not the worst, just the whole thing.
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