Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

good persons

I'm sort of forcing myself to update the journal in an attempt to get back in the habit of it.

okay... I went shopping with my sister this weekend and she left her wallet at Express and didn't realize it until we were like nine stores down and trying to buy smoothies. She sort of freaked and started walking back really fast, and I was like, hon, we're in southern johnson county. people here don't need to steal wallets. it's fine.

we get back to express and of course it was fine... a customer had turned it in, they were holding it for her at the counter. she joked about how if she'd been in topeka the thing would have been nabbed in seconds, and I said the same thing about wichita, then I remembered that three years ago I actually did lose my wallet and it had all worked out fine. I left it on top of my car at the gas station and drove off down the highway without remembering it. a day later, a guy called me saying he'd found it, and I went to this appliance repair shop downtown where he worked and picked it up.

so my sister and I are 2/2 when it comes to wallet returns. maybe it's a kansas thing... people are just super nice here. or maybe people are just nicer than we think they are. I know if I found a wallet I'd turn it in. and I like to think of myself as being pretty much like everybody else, you know?
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