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the website

I was talking with my sister this weekend about ah,

at one time, we had so many new members that we had weekly contests to see which of the 15-20 most active ones we liked the best. weekly. now we're lucky to get 10 new members in a week, period, never mind cool active ones who post like crazy to win our hearts. I've sort of let the site go. It started to suffer when I was sucked into advicenators, then when I gave away advicenators I'd sort of lost enthusiasm for the whole internet world. Now I'm sucked into this political website I'm doing... it's just like advicenators, except that the members are real people, Kansas people, who I meet with monthly and whose cause is incredibly important. The more people get involved, the more code I'm called on to write. It's my life all the time now.

so I'm distracted once again from the happy purple planet site. my sister says it's dying off... I'd have to disagree, the forums are still active, you can come back every week and see what's new. it's just not like it was, where you can come back every hour and see what's new. she also says it's apparent that I wouldn't mind if it died, that I dont' have time to run it, that I'm letting it go, and I hate that, but I have to admit some evidence is there. It's been over a year since there was a new quiz or feature. main page articles are sort of almost a monthly thing. I desperately need to update the feminist of the day stuff.

a month or so ago I got a question via e-mail from some thirteen year old girls trying to add a feminist slant to a school project. I had an answer, but before I sent it I posted about it in a feminist community on livejournal. One of the comments there was a from a college student who said she considered herself a strong advocate for feminism, and got that way because when she was 15 or so, she came across my site. I have no idea who this girl is but she's almost 20 now. I mean... wow! I can't let my site die!

But as I get older it's tougher to relate to the 13 year olds, and it'll only get tougher, and I'll only get shorter on time. Is the death of inevitable, like all things internet? Or can I fight it? Should I fight it? How do I fight it?
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