Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

down with the sickness

my roommate is one of these people who talks openly to the television. "oh my god... what is going ON?" or "why is he going in there?!" or "why are they all wearing the same outfits?" when she knows full well that no one else has seen the movie that we're a whole five minutes into so we're not going to know the answer. it's actually kind of cute and we all make fun of her.

I got to spend all sorts of quality time with my housemates this weekend, because we ALL GOT THE FLU. And it sucked. Let me tell you... lots of time, I just don't update my journal because I'm too busy or forget. This weekend was not one of those times. I was not physically able to update anything... I tried to edit a header script on a website I'm working on yesterday, and screwed it up, and didn't have the mental capacity to fix it, and had to restore it from a backup, and it hurt. This whole flu thing hurt. I haven't had it in years and forgot how bad it was. Even now that the fever is over and I'm not in pain everywhere, I'm sore from laying down, and my throat hurts from coughing, and I'm incredibly weak. going up stairs leaves me winded, and when marc and I tried to leave the house today (a bold move... none of you understand how bold, you haven't been here for the last three days) I was so tired I could barely drive. We had like four stops to make, we made one.

so it's been a fabulous non-weekend of bed rest, getting dizzy in the shower, eating tylenol like popcorn, and trying to live off soda crackers. I lost like ten pounds since thursday, and even now, my body feels hungry, like it's malnourished, but my stomach can't take anything. At least I feel human. Friday I stayed in bed all day. Saturday I somehow found the strength to get out of bed, crawl to a couch, and watch some movies.

I have no real excuse not to go to work tomorrow. I need to go to work tomorrow. I really needed to go to work Friday, but that was physically impossible, I couldn't walk down the hall Friday.

My roommate's boyfriend brought this upon us, by the way. And she told me that when I regain my strength, I could kill him, because he gave it to her and marc, too. At least I'm young and strong so I was only really down for a couple painful, horrible days. my advice to everyone: don't get the flu, it sucks ass.
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