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Everything that happened to me in 2005.

So although I don't usually do trite, cheesy year in review things, I think 2005 has been quite a year for me. I didn't move or change jobs or graduate or anything drastic like that, but I met lots of new people, learned lots of new things, and had a generally incredible time. It's my favorite year so far. And that's saying a lot, because I've had lots of really fabulous years. So with that in mind I would like to put down what I did this year, why I did it, and which of these things I'd like to do again.

January - Amid 60 hour work weeks, I managed to take a vacation day to travel to Topeka and welcome in our state legislature by protesting for gay rights. My sister and I had made a giant rainbow colored banner that read FREEDOM in three foot black letters and it turned out to be quite a hit. Album of the month: Jill Sobule's "Underdog Victorious", which actually came out the year before but I was out of the loop and didn't get it until the next year. It's an incredible album that everyone must own. Oh, and I gave away my parakeet, Naboo, because she did nothing but torture my beloved Agamemnon. I hoped that offloading Naboo would prolong dear little aggy's life.

February - All the phone banking and lobbying we did in January came to a very tragic end when the Kansas house and senate voted to amend our state constitution to not only define marriage as a union between one man and one woman, but forbid any other union for recieving comparable rights. We retreated, lamented, we drank. My little hobby of running a website for a gay rights group was about to turn into another job... we had until April to reach voters but knew it wouldn't be enough time.

I didn't fight because I thought we'd win. I fought because I wanted to be able to look at myself in the mirror at the end of it, and know that I did the right thing, sticking up for the people that the rest of society rejects. It would define my winter.

I listened to a lot of Green Day, specifically American Idiot. Get angry.

March - Little agamenmon died on March 24th. I got home from the campaign office, the thursday before easter, to find him. I was still on overtime, working every saturday, going to school and drowning, knocking on doors to talk to people about the marriage amendment. Weak and tired, I skipped work that morning and thought about how lucky I was to have aggy for the 10 years that I did.

April - The marriage amendment ended just like we thought it would. I got to be on TV. I got to cry my eyes out in church. On the upside, something very wonderful happened at work... I'd been on the same project for well over a year and it finally took off, quite literally. The sense of technological accomplishment gave me hope and reminded me that politics is, well, a bitch... I was meant to withdraw into geekdom. Album of the month: Songs for Silverman, the new Ben Folds. I love Ben folds.

May - I turned 25. A car accident from the month before cancelled out any benefits that the birthday would have on my insurance. But things weren't all bad... my little sister visited for my birthday and we got drunk on cosmopolitians and passed out on my livingroom carpet, with perfect skin from spa products we'd used all day. It was a fabulous time. I also ran a 10K that month! Yes, I found time after the amendment to get back in shape and go outside and be healthy. I was going to survive. Album of the month: Weezer's Make Believe, a sing-along worthy reminder of how great it can feel to get over being bitter.

June - I bought the new sleater-kinney album, the woods. I was unhappy with how long it was (sorry, I hate spending $16 for 45 minutes of music) but they rock hard. I laid out at the pool with friends, specifically darling andrea, who I'd just met. I was going out on thursday, friday, and saturday nights and having a good time. I went camping and canoeing and was infinitely appreciative of summer happening.

July - Some new friends invited me on a trip to Las Vegas, and while I thought it was crazy, I also wasn't doing anything that weekend, so I went! It was defcon... hackers, techno, wearing black, getting drunk, avoiding drugs. absolutely insane. Also during the month, I decided that Advicenators, a pet website project I'd started in October of 2003, was getting to be too much work. I gave it away. It proved once again my theory about making money on the internet: as soon as you start to pay costs, projects figure out something else to take. you're swallowed whole and can't handle it. As luck would have it, advicenators found a new home and lives on.

August - I went on the best float trip I've ever been on in my life. Laying in the sun in missouri, floating in clear spring water, knocked out by jello shots and mai tai, I forgot what happened the rest of the month. I know I started classes, which must have been pretty horrible given how wonderful the summer was.

September - Decided I'd been drinking too much and went on a two-week break, which worked well. I also moved out of my apartment, and into a house owned by a girl who I'd gone to Vegas with in July. I now live with a roommate, a washer and dryer, a garage and a dog. Moving was a pain, but I'm very happy with where I live.

October - Moving into the new house got me back in the loop with the vegas crowd, especially marc, who lived in atlanta but was visiting for a few weeks. we spent so much time together that I genuinely missed him when he left. So a friend and I took a road trip to visit him! And then he decided to come visit me... right before halloween, there he was... he'd decided that he'd had enough of atlanta, his family is here and I'm here, and we could be deliriously happy together. and we are.

November - I didn't update my journal much. I worked on grad school projects. It was painfully awful and I wondered why I'd done it. What's worse, I've only gotten through one semester... I have miles to go before I sleep.

December - Somehow managed to pull an A and a B out of grad school classes. ugh. didn't have any time to do anything until after Christmas, when I went home and slept a lot. Threw a very fun party last night for my roommate's birthday. My sister is here, and we're spending another new year's eve at a friend's house watching all three extended lord of the rings movies. and that, my friends, is 2005.
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