Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

power trip

Woke up this morning to a sparkling world of winter, it was very pretty - trees coated with ice, little icesicles hanging off everything. Then our power started blinking off. Then around 4:30 it went off and STAYED that way for 2 hours.

It just came on, but it's not supposed to stay on, so I'd better shut down the Dream Machine here and entertain myself the old fashioned way... whatever that means.

Until then I thought I'd charm you all with the results to my Friends Test from my last entry - it was interesting to see who went where, if I'd known how much fun it was I would have done it a long time ago! Yes, if you gave your e-mail at the end you got the answers, but who really does that? I hate junk mail!

16 people took my test.

5 people thought I had brown eyes, but they're actually blue (4 knew this)

12 people knew I was studying Engineering Technology.

7 people knew I had a bird. 5 people thought I had a cat, go figure.

5 people knew how long I've had - exactly three months this past Tuesday. But you'd have to pay pretty close attention to know that.

10 people knew I was running Linux. 3 thought I was a windows XP girl, that's kinda scary

6 people knew I hated bananas. Nobody thought I hated tacos :)

8 people thought my homepage would be set to the CHYX forums, but if you actually read the chyx forums you'd realize how empty & depressing they are. It's still a good guess, but not as good as the 3 who guessed Slashdot.

And finally, 8 people knew I loved captain Picard :) I'd almost award extra points for Janeway (5 people) since she is pretty cool, but I'm TNG to the core :)

yeah, fun!
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