Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

living the people lifestyle

In a time period of about six weeks, I've gone from living all by myself to being in this house with three other people and a dog. it's weird, and fun! sometimes the guys aren't here, it's just my roommate and I, and we sit and talk over coffee or drinks, depending on the time of day (drinks in the morning, obviously). other times it's jason and me, or marc and me. we went to this party last night, all in one car, like, "we roll as a crew now". andrea's over so often she may as well be part of it too, and now that her boyfriend has moved down, hell, we could be a gang.

it makes life very interesting.

sometimes I still feel like I'm on a vacation. I drive past my old apartment, and feel like I should turn in, check my mail, go upstairs and get the floors vacuumed. other times I wonder how I was ever alone for three years. if something happened to me, who'd know?

i'm really glad I moved, and I think it's so weird how life throws you these random curve balls... go to vegas, meet a roommate, change your life for a while. who knows what else will go on?

I got friends. weird. I didn't think I was the type.
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