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FAQ - Spacefem's Relationship Status

Okay, people keep asking questions about marc and me, so in case you missed the saga, here's an FAQ:

1) Who's marc?
Marc is a high school friend of Jason's. Jason is the guy who I met at the wichita linux meetup group who invited me to go to defcon with him randomly, when we barely knew each other. So I went with him, Pam (who is now my roommate), and Marc, his friend who lived in Atlanta. It was the first time I'd hung out with Jason outside the LUG, and the first time I'd met Pam or Marc period. Whenever marc or jason were driving (most of the time), they were playing marc's CDs... he likes to DJ and makes lots of house and break beats mixes, with some trance when he's in the mood. After 22 hours in a car with that sort of music blaring, you're a transformed person, let me tell you.

2) What does marc look like?
here he is, eating a hamburger in vegas. He's usually smiling. He's about my height, and he's native american.

3) Where does marc live?
Nowhere now, I guess. He'd been living in Atlanta for the last 5-6 years, and just packed up all his shit and moved here. He lost his job down there a month or two ago and hasn't had luck finding another one, and I'm pretty sure I was a motivating factor as well. He's spent quite a bit of time at our house, but his parents live 30 miles away so he's spent time there, too.

4) So you and marc got together in vegas?
No. Marc and I got together about a month ago, when he visited home to help his parents when his dad had surgery. It was very Garden State, but with a bouncier, more electronic soundtrack. In vegas I got with somebody else. That somebody turned out to be a jehovah's witness. everybody's got a dealbreaker, huh?

5) Will marc get a job?
Yes. He DJs on the side, but he's worked in IT for some time, so he'll probably find something. If he doesn't, well, that'll be annoying. But he's been in town for 24 hours so I'm not going to worry too much about it.

6) Will you be at mikey's halloween party?
Wouldn't miss it for the world! I'm bringing marc, and probably my friend andrea and her boyfriend mike!
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