Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

i had to work late and didn't have time for dinner. ihad some onion rings leftover from lunch and a granola bar. i got home at 8. it blew. then i got drunk off ONE GLASS OF WINE. and here i am... need to work on the website i'm doing for my political stuff but i can't because i can't type, i'm drunk. and i can't program either. i forgot an equal sign a minute ago.

i can't talk to marc because his phone got turned off because he's poor and unemployed. yup, there I said it, the guy's got no job. BIG RED FLAG. but he lurrrrrves meeee.... called last night all freaked because he had to see me this weekend, was going to sell his tv to buy a bus ticket and take it 22 hours to be here. awe, that's sweet.

awe, that's fucked up.

awe, i'm a disaster. a drunk, no tolerance, can't program, disatster.

and so is he.

that's why i love us together.

the end.
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