Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday stuff

andrea's boyfriend finally moved down. he got out of the car with all his stuff, and gave her a ring. so yeah, my cool best girlfriend is engaged now! I'm happy for her and she promises that nothing will change but still... sheeeit.

anyway she came over last night, I guess to prove to me that nothing has changed. we worked on halloween costumes and chatted and did a little shopping and it was pretty fun. she left around 11.

I chatted online with marc a while... we'd texted all day, talked on the phone some after work, then at night we were on AIM until I was very, very tired. such a stressful relationship. we feel good when we're talking to one another, and the rest of the time we're not sure what to do. I wish he'd just come up here and stay.

I took our dog for a walk. It went pretty well... Jason had told me that bailey sucks at walks, he just pulls at the leash all the time because he's crazy, but I learned that if you get outside and run with him for about two blocks, he calms down after that and is happy just walking, sniffing, and being normal and nice. He freaked out and backed away from these two little girls who wanted to pet him ('cause, you know, ten year olds are so scary! wtf?) but it was basically fun. I don't know if I can run with him. He gets tired of running, and takes too many "stop and sniff this thing" breaks.

Either way it was funny... we get home, and he goes straight to his spot by the fireplace and lays down, like, "DAMN that was tough!" silly puppy. he's sleeping right now, it's adorable, just melted into the carpet. he's not big into mornings, he kinda wakes up slow, like we need to get him coffee or something.
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