Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

get my rah on?

our company is having a tug of war contest. It's like $20 to register your team and the money goes to the good cause. There's been trash talking at the senior management level, and static test actually set up a rig for tryouts in the hangar across from me... it's serious.

so anyway, some guys in our department got together and have an official Electrical Engineering team, which is pretty exciting, because let's face it, even though we have like 80 guys finding six that are willing to participate in this really interesting idea is tough. we did this thing last year and I think we got taken down by supply chain. seriously! how embarrassing is that?

so I get this e-mail today from one of the admin assistants with an idea: maybe all us women in the department (all six of us, three of us being engineers) should dress up like geeky, engineer cheerleaders to root the guys on. We'll wear skirts with short-sleeve dress shirts and pocket protectors and tape on our glasses and it'll be cute and funny. I've got a week to stir this over and decide if the idea is 1) cute and funny or 2) horribly sexist. anything beats pulling on a rope, I guess, I'm just a bit undecided about this one. thoughts?
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